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Вариант 7" от Navirider (Navi Rider), за 25,1 т.р. на Али:


OSD Language: spanish, portuguese, albanian, arabic, japanese...
Din: Double Din
Resolution: 1024*600 IPS screen
ROM: 32 GB Inand
RAM: 2 or 4 GB DDR3
Out Power: 4*45 Watt
Voltage: 12V
OS: Android 6.0 system. Hardware ready for android 8.0 and above 3 Built-in carplay& Android auto (optional)
Video decoder: all format decoding, support 1080P.
Amplifer IC: TDA 7851L
System quick start time 3 seconds (from sleep to normal)
System cold start time: Within 25 seconds (from deep standby to normal)
Digital Media Format: JPEG, WMA, DVD-R/RW, DVD-RAM, MP3, Video CD...
Item Weight: 6 kg
Special Features: Touch Screen, MP3 players CD Player.
Interface: plug and play power.
Max external memory: 1 TB.
Radio tuner: 7706 IC
Capacitive multi touch screen panel (G+G, Support 5 points). Like the delicate touch of iPhone, smooth and sensitive..HD 1024x600 resolution, multi-touch support, no matter it is zoned, dragged, pulled, smooth and not stuck.
8-core Rockchip PX5 A53 processor. Up 1.5 GHz.
IPS LCD screen, excellent for dynamic HD viewing, especially for motion picture. reproduction, no ghosting and trailing, making it an ideal carrier for watching digital high-definition video, especially fast-moving pictures such as racing, games and action movies. Visual HD reversing, large screen display, wide visual space, clearly visible at night.
Winca S200 Smart GPS Navigation, provide all-round high-precision, high-reliablitiy positioning navigation services. 7.1080P full-format decoding, support for a variety for video playback modes, enjoy the visual feast 8 Mirror and device two-way. androoid and ihphone through wifi connection.
Support the OBD vihicle information diagnosis(optional).
Support the Car DVR. Make your driving safter (optional).
AM / FM / RDS / Nuance / OBD / ADAS / SD / IPOD / TPMS
Mirror link, wonderful car life. Mobile and device Two-way navigation, the operation more convenient, more enjoyable with largescreen!
Both Android and iPhone through Wi-Fi connection. Android phones also can be connected via USB.
Bluetooth voice call. BT real-time synchronization of mobile phones, easy to liberate your hands. 10 Speed 3G/4G wifi internet.our navigation is your moving computer. Bluetooth real-time synchronization of mobile phones, easy to liberate your hands. Built-in microphone, support external microphone, support phone book download, Bluetooth calls, music player.
Our navigation is your moving computer! Support hot spots to share Internet access.
OBD vehicle information diagnosis. One key diagnostic vehicle information, the car at a glance. Car fuel consumption, speed, fault information monitoring, comprehensive protection of traffic safety.
Comprehensive real-time monitoring of tire pressure, hidden dangers nowhere to hide.

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